The Editor is pleased to consider articles at any time but separate submission instructions will be issued for each edition of Ranger. Contact the Editor at
Subject. Subject matter should normally be very broadly interpreted as Geospatial Intelligence but articles covering general MOD/Defence matters will also be considered. The aim is for each edition of Ranger to cover a range of up to date technology, academic, historical, ‘old boy' reminiscences, memoirs/obituaries and reports on current DSA activities including prize awards and seminars.
Style. Dependant on subject matter style can vary from fully referenced academic works to informal anecdotal style. Where possible; abbreviations, jargon and acronyms should be avoided. Articles should generally be well illustrated, at least one illustration/image per page.
Length. Articles may be of any length however the Editor may consider splitting long articles over several editions. Obituaries. Dependant on the individual, normally half or full page including photograph.
Copy. Copy should consist of:

Word Document
Separate Images – not embedded in document.
Proposed article layout
Author – Short pen picture plus head and shoulders image