Membership is open to all with an interest in Defence Surveying, Mapping, Charting and Geographic Intelligence. Members come from the military, civilian map and geographic specialists, industry, academia and those with an interest in the subjects.

Membership Benefits

Benefits of membership include:

1. Information on what is happening in the DSA areas of interest.
2. Access to seminars on historical, current and the future topics related to the interests of the DSA.
3. Access to DSA's publications and other publications on defence surveying, mapping, charting and geospatial intelligence.
4. Documentation on the heritage of defence surveying, mapping, charting and geospatial intelligence.
5. Interaction with members at DSA professional and social events.

DSA Membership Fees

Do not send any money with the Application Form. New members are required to pay an annual membership fee of £15 starting from the 2nd January after you join. You will be sent a standing order form in due course which you will be asked to complete and return to the Honorary Treasurer covering the fee for the next calendar year.