World War II

The Survey Service Eastern and 14 Army 1942-1945

A group from the DSA has collaborated in transcribing a photocopy, obtained from the National Archives, Kew, of Colonel Bomford’s Report on the Survey Service in Eastern and 14 Army 1942-1945.  This fascinating report, amounting to 36 pages, less annexes, contains more detail than is included in the War Office Monograph “Maps and Survey”, H.M.S.O. 1952 and is recommended to members. Burma 101 Transcript of Bomford Report.pdf

Hydrography in WWII

A concise account found in: "M.O.D. Charts and Surveys in Peace and War - The History of the Royal Navy’s Hydrographic Service 1919-1970.” by Rear Admiral R.O. Morris, CB. London. H.M.S.O. Crown Copyright 1995. First Published 1995. 280 pages. ISBN 0 11 772456 4.

“The War Years” are covered in Chapter 5, pages 102-122.

“Overlord and After” is covered in Chapter 6, pages 123-141.

Maps and Survey - Contents

Through the courtesy of the National Archives, Kew, the Defence Surveyors’ Association is including "Maps & Survey", H.M.S.O. on its web site.

Notes on GSGS mapping in World War II

In preparation for the invasion of Sicily, which took place in July 1943, the Geographical Section, General Staff, War Office, London produced an illustrated guide to the to the mapping situation in the Central Mediterranean theatre of operations entitled “Notes on the G.S.G.S. Maps of Italy, Sicily, Sardinia and Corsica, 1 May 1943”.

Special Charts and Publications produced by the Hydrographic Department Volume 1 (text) Admiralty 1949 C.B. 3200A

Through the courtesy of the UK Hydrographic Office Taunton, and with concurrence of the National Archives, Kew, the Defence Surveyors’ Association has included the Technical Staff Monograph C.B. 3200A on its web site as a companion document to Maps & Survey, H.M.S.O. 1952.

The Evacuation of Malayan Survey Department Military Maps and Mapping from Singapore to Australia Feb 1942

The evacuation of survey records from Malaya to Australia in 1942 is described by Brigadier Clough in four brief sentences on page 486 of his monograph “Maps and Survey - The War Office 1952”. A copy of the following account, on which Brigadier Clough may have drawn, has recently been discovered in the Rhodes House Library Oxford who have kindly given permission for its publication.

Z Location or Survey in WarZ Location Cover

The story of the 4th Durham Survey Regiment RA by Lt Col JT Whetton DSO, OBE, MC, TD and Lt Col RH Ogden MC, TD.

Z Location - Survey in War. Cover