Special Charts and Publications produced by the Hydrographic Department Volume 1 (text) Admiralty 1949 C.B. 3200A

Special Charts and Publications

Through the courtesy of the UK Hydrographic Office Taunton, and with concurrence of the National Archives, Kew, the Defence Surveyors’ Association has included the Technical Staff Monograph C.B. 3200A on its web site as a companion document to Maps & Survey, H.M.S.O. 1952.

Maps and Survey records the work of the Geographical Section, General Staff in World War 2. C.B. 3200A similarly records the work of the Hydrographic Department in producing special operational charts and diagrams additional to its normal work of producing Fleet navigational charts.

A companion volume of Specimen Charts and Diagrams is contained in Volume II. This is too large to scan but the contents are listed in Volume I and a copy may be consulted at Taunton or in the National Archives, Kew at ADM239/238. Volume I also is at ADM 239/237.

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